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NotAFBIAgent's Staff Application

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User name: NotAFBIAgent

What is your Minecraft username? NotAFBIAgent

How old are you? 19

What makes you stand out from other applicants? I've had a lot of experience with being an admin on many other games, websites and all other things.

What time zone are you in? Eastern Daylight Time

How many/what languages can you speak? One

How much time per a day can you dedicate for managing the server? About 1 to 4 hours

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

What is your discord username? Totally Not A FBI Agent#9183

Why do you want to be on the NovaGalaxy Staff Team? I love this server and I think it'll be fun

Do you have any previous experience, if so list the servers and describe what you did in your position I worked as a mod on Reddit, On a Roblox game, Minecraft server with friends. I dealt with people, managed the server/site and also made sure that everything was alright with everyone.

Is there anything else you want us to know? I sometimes get angerly easily because of my meds.

By submitting this for I confirm that all of my answers were answered to the best of my ability. I understand if I ask staff the review my application then it will be denied instantly. I also understand that I can only reapply every 2 weeks. If the rules are broken by me, I understand that it will make my account vunerable to any punishment enforced by the staff team. Yes
Not open for further replies.