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  1. aklusa

    aklusa's Staff Application

    User name: aklusa What is your Minecraft username? fdgxdfg How old are you? dsf What time zone are you in? fsdfsdf How many/what languages can you speak? sdfs How much time per a day can you dedicate for managing the server? fsdfsdfsdf Do you have a working microphone? Yes...
  2. aklusa

    banditstar staff application

    What was ur discord again
  3. aklusa

    Mitsuyo's Staff Application

    Accepted and locked!
  4. aklusa

    UltraNameXYZK's Staff Application

    Approved LOCKED
  5. aklusa

    Jac0bS's Staff Application

    Accepted LOCKED
  6. aklusa

    NotAFBIAgent's Staff Application

    Approved LOCKED